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Welcome to Kodak Express Camden - Intro

Kodak Express - London Printing and Photographers

At Kodak Express we have a fantastic range of photographic services and the good news is that no matter where you live you can now use our Mail Order service. Kodak Express continues to win awards year after year for customer service, quality and innovation. It's your assurance of quality and customer service.

Kodak Our range of photo services include

  • Digital Photo Printing to any Size and Shape
  • Film Printing - Professional 35mm B/W & Colour Dev Print and Scan
  • Professional 120 Medium Format Film Printing and Scanning
  • Studio Portraits - Makeovers Models Families and Pregnancy
  • Headshot Photographers and Cheap 10x8 repros for Actors
  • Video Tapes to DVD - VHS Camcorder and Professional Formats
  • Cine Film to DVD - 8mm Super8 9.5mm and 16mm Film Transfer
  • Canvas Printing from Digital Photos and Negatives
  • Photo Gifts - T-shirts Mugs, Aprons Bibs Underwear Pillows Coaster etc
  • Passport and Visa Photos for EVERY country in the world
  • Restoration Service for Ripped Torn and Damaged Photos
  • Digital Photos onto Presentation Slides
  • Scanning and printing from Slides and Transparencies
  • Recovery of Deleted Digital Photos from Camera Cards
  • London Wedding and Party Photographers and Videographers

US Visa Photo Requirements - Important News

US Visa photo specifications have changed. As well as printed photos you now need to supply a digital copy. The requirements for the digital copy are complex (ie 24 bit colour, sRGB, less than 20:1 compression ratio, maximum file size 240 kb etc). Kodak Express in Camden is one of the very few stores equipped with a professional studio and the knowledge to supply US visa pictures at the new standards. See US Visa Photos for more info.

Lomo & Holga Films

Special Offer - No Charge

Drop in or post your 120 Colour Holga, Lomo or Diana camera film for developing, printing or scanning.

If the film is blank we will not charge you a penny!

Lomo & Holga Printing

Video to DVD Transfers

Huge Discounts for Quantities

Drop in or post 5 or more video tapes for transfer to DVD and receive a 25% DISCOUNT

Drop in or post 10 or more and receive a whopping 50% DISCOUNT

Video to DVD

Cheap Repro Printing

Cheapest Repros in London

Professional high quality 10x8 repro printing for actors, actresses and performers

Grab a bargain and ask us for a FREE Headshot Photo Shoot

Cheap Repro Printing

Passports & Visa

Special Offer

16 approved UK passport and Visa photos for just £12.99 - fantastic for frequent travelers

We also take UK Border Agency Photos (UKBA)

Passport and Visas

Passport PNG

Passport & Visa Photos

Visa and Passport Photos Size

Passport and Visa photo requirements are complex. Kodak Express Camden specialise in producing biometric passport, Visa and ID photos to any required specification for any country in the world.

Popular Passport and Visa Requests include

Working from professional studios, we have the knowledge and technical expertise to get your passport and visa photos right first time - meaning no risk of rejection and subsequent delays.

All Passports and Visa Photos


Photo Gifts

For Christmas Birthdays or Just Because

We have a fabulous range of personalised photo gifts for Anniversaries, Christmas St Valentines Day Mothers Day Fathers Day and any special occasion. Photo Gifts make fun and original presents.

Popular Gift Requests include

Our personalised boxer shorts for men have been on the telly - we supplied three pairs to Eamon Holmes for his ITV Morning Show - these were worn by guests on Blackpool Beach.

See all Photo Gifts

Video Tapes

Video tapes to DVD

Transfer your VHS and Camcorder Tapes

Kodak Express Camden operate in-house Video DVD Transfer Services - this keeps the cost of Video to DVD affordable, the quality is excellent and because we do the tapes ourselves nothing gets lost.

All Video Formats from just £10 including

If you give us ten or more tapes the cost of Video transfer to DVD starts at just £10 per tape which is amazingly cheap. You are welcome to send us mixed tape formats. Visit our new London video and cine transfer website

All Video to DVD Services

Cine To DVD

Transfer your Cine Film

Kodak Express Camden have in house facilities for transferring cine film to DVD and editable files.

8mm Cine Film

All formats of cine film are catered for including 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm cine film.

Cine Film to DVD

Photo Restoration

Repairing Damaged Photos

Dig out those old, torn, damaged and ripped photos and let us work our photo restoration magic on them.

Photo Restoration

The original photos are scanned and returned to you along with a digitally restored print plus a CD.

Photo Restoration

Wedding Photographers

London Wedding Photography

Affordable, high quality wedding photos from 4weddings.org operating from Kodak Express Camden


Cheap rates for North London weddings - Islington Marylebone, Camden and Brent Register Offices.

Wedding Photographers

Party Photographers

Xmas Party Photography ``

Experienced event and party photographers for corporate business and private parties in London

Party People

As well as providing photographers for christmas parties we photograph conferences, product launches etc.

Party Photographers

Digital Photo Printing

Cheap Digital Printing

Cheap digital photo printing on the high street - London's cheapest prices starting at just 10p each

Camera Cards on yellow bacground

High quality printing on on the best paper in the world - Kodak Royal A mail order service is available.

Cheap Digital Prints

Deleted Photo Recovery

Restoring Deleted Photos

We can recover deleted photos from camera cards as well as data lost from USB sticks and Hard Drives

Camera Cards

Get in touch if you have accidentally erased your photos from your camera card and we will restore your photos.

Camera Card Recovery

Digital Photos to Slide

Repairing Damaged Photos

We can convert your digital images onto film making presentation slides (aka transparencies).

Slide Film

Clients include students, lecturers, universities and colleges. Turn around time for slides is 7 days.

Digital Files to Slide Film

35mm Colour Film

Develop Printing Scanning

We develop process, print, scan to CD all makes of 35mm colour film for both professionals and enthusiasts

Colour Negative

Lomo and Holga users please note - there is no charge if your film doesn't come out!

35mm Colour Film Printing

35mm BW Film

Develop and Print and Scan

Professional 35mm Black and white film developing, processing printing and scanning to CD.

Black and White Film

Your black and white films are processed by hand - and no extra charge for pushing or pulling the film.

35mm BW Film Printing

120 Medium Format BW

Develop Films Print and Scan

We process and develop 120 medium format black and white film including printing and scanning to CD

120 Medium Format Black and White Film

No extra charge is made for pushing or pulling the film. Ask about our generous discounts for quantities

120 BW Film Printing

Medium Format Colour

120 Film Develop Print & Scan

We process print and scan 120 medium format colour film - Kodak, Fuji Iford XP2 and all others

120 Colour Film

Great news for Holga and Lomo Camera users - no charge if your 120 colour film is a failure

120 Colour Film Printing

Holga Film Printing

Lomographic & Holga Prints

Lomo, Diana and Holga cameras are very popular - but can take some getting used to.

Holga Camera

Drop in your Lomo camera or Holga Film and if it doesn't come out we don't charge for processing.

Holga and Lomo Printing

Studio Portraits

Professional Photo Shoots

Our studio photographers will take stylish and iconic portraits of you and your loved ones.

Photo Studio

Our Studio Photo Shoots are FREE - Visit Studios4u.co.uk for more...

photo Studio London

Pregnancy Portraits

Pregnancy Photo Shoots

The best time to come in for a pregnancy photo shoot is at eight and a half months.

Pregnancy Photographer

The photo session is FREE - you only pay for the pictures you take.

pregnancy Portraits

Family Photo Shoots

Family Studio Portraits

Fantastic News - All our family photo shoots are completely free - you only pay for the photos you want

Family Studio Portrait

We will take stunning studio photos of you and your family.

Family Portraits

Headshot Photographer

Actors Headshot Portraits

You will find our Headshot Photography Service amongst the cheapest in London - and the best quality


Our professional 10x8 repro service is also amazingly cheap

Headshot Photographers

Makeover Photo Shoots

Studio Beauty Makeovers

FREE makeover shoots at our professional photo studios in London including a make up artist

Jumping Studio Girls

Makeover Photo shoots make terrific gifts - Gift Vouchers are available.

Makeover Photo Shoots

Baby PNG

Baby Portraits

Baby Photographers

Bring baby into our London portrait studios we will take photos to treasure forever.

Baby Studio Picture

Why not bring dad down to our studios and make it a family photo shoot?

Baby studio Portraits

Teen Party Photo Shoot

Teenage Studio Party

Bring your teenage girl and her friends into our London studios for a makeover and photo shoot.


A makeover party photo shoot is a great to celebrate a teenage birthday.

Teen Party Photo Shoot

Model Portfolios

Model Portfolio Photographers

If your just starting out in the industry we have the perfect modeling portfolio package for you.

Free Fashion Photo Shoots

Its very affordable and you can spend as much or as little as you want,

Model Portfolios

Business Portraits

Studio Business Photos

Business headshot staff portraits are required for websites, promotional literature and brochures.

Business Portraits

Our photographers can also come to your place of work

London Business Portraits

Canvas Printing

Digital Photo on Canvas

Turn your digital photos into works of art with a high quality canvas print on a stretched frame

Large Format Digital Printer

We can print from camera cards, negatives and even from photos.

Canvas Printing

Broken Video Repair

Repairing Broken Video Tapes

Kodak Express Camden repair broken video tapes of any format - and we have an excellent mail order service

Broken VHS Video Tape

We repair VHS tapes, Camcorder Hi8, Digital8 and Video8 , MiniDV tapes.

Video Tape Repair


Photographic Exhibitions

From time to time we host photographic exhibitions from our London High Street Studios

Photographic Exhibitions

The exhibitions have received excellent local and national press coverage

Photographic Exhibitions