Super 8 and 8mm Cine Film Copy to DVD
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Super 8 & 8mm Cine Transfer

Copying Cine Film to DVD and Computer Files

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Transfer, Copy and Conversion of Super 8 and Standard 8mm Cine Film to DVD and AVI Editable File Formats.

Operating under the Kodak Express umbrella of great customer service and superb quality, we have been encoding and transferring cine film footage to DVD and digital file formats for over 15 years.

Cine Film Transfer

8mm Cine Film Costs

If you don't know what format of cine film you have, it is very likely to be Super 8 or Standard 8mm.

  • 3 inch diameter reels - £8 each
  • 5 inch diameter reels - £24 each
  • 7 inch diameter reels - £40 each
  • 10% off for orders over £100
  • 20% off for orders over £200
  • Extra DVD Copy (max 2 hours) - £5
  • Easy listening music can be added to silent films

Don't worry if your reels are not completely full, we will only charge for the actual cine footage

New Video Transfer Website

We have a new web site for cine conversion work - see London-Video-Cine.

How to Order

If you cannot make it into our shop simply post your cine film to us - don't forget to include your instructions, address and telephone number. On receipt of your work we will call you, confirm your instructions, and take payment by credit card over the phone.

There is also an option to pay online. You can simply include your receipt with your cine film when you post then to us.

8mm Cine Payment

Editable AVI Computer Files

Instead of an encoded DVD, you may wish to order an an editable computer file for home editing. We can supply you with an editable AVI file for editing on PCs and MACs. An uncompressed AVI file is 13gb per hour. We ask customers to provide an external hard drive or large capacity USB stick for this purpose.

There is no extra charge for this service.

Extra DVDs - £5

Although DVDs last a lifetime without deterioration in quality one scratch or scuff mark will render it unplayable. For this reason we strongly advise you to order an extra DVD back up copy of your cine transfer work - the cost is only £5 per 2 hour DVD.

Cine Film with Sound

Most amateur cine film comes without sound. However, if you see a magnetic brown stripe running down the edge of the film there maybe sound on the film. This really only applies to reels sizes 200ft and above. The cost of Cine with sound to DVD costs an extra 50%.

We can also add easy listening background music to silent cine film transfers at very affordable prices.

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