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Super 9.5mm Cine Transfer

Copying Cine Film to DVD and Computer Files

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Transfer, Copy and Conversion of 9.5 mm Cine Film to DVD and AVI Editable File Formats.

This type of film was developed in the late 1900s, reaching a peak with consumers in the 1930s. It offered the public a relatively cheap way to make home movies. The film was played back on the hugely popular Pathéscope projectors.

Cine Film Transfer

9.5mm Cine Film Costs

We normally like around two weeks to turnaround customers 9.5mm cine film.

  • £120 for the first 100ft
  • £20 per 100ft thereafter
  • DVD back up copies are just £5 each
  • If you cine film has a sound track, this is captured at no extra charge

Don't worry if your reels are not completely full, we will only charge for the actual cine footage

New Video Transfer Website

We have a new web site for cine conversion work - see London-Video-Cine.

How to Order

If you cannot make it into our shop simply post your cine film to us - don't forget to include your instructions, address and telephone number. On receipt of your work we will call you, confirm your instructions, and take payment by credit card over the phone..


Editable AVI Computer Files

Instead of an encoded DVD, you may wish to order an an editable computer file for home editing. We can supply you with an editable AVI file for editing on PCs and MACs. An uncompressed AVI file is 13gb per hour. We ask customers to provide an external hard drive or large capacity USB stick for this purpose.

There is no extra charge for this service.

Extra DVDs - £5

Although DVDs last a lifetime without deterioration in quality one scratch or scuff mark will render it unplayable. For this reason we strongly advise you to order an extra DVD back up copy of your cine transfer work - the cost is only £5 per 2 hour DVD.

Time and Length

The easiest way to find out both the running time and the film footage of 9.5mm film is to measure the diameter of the reel

  • 3" diameter - 50ft, 2 minutes
  • 5" diameter - 200ft, 8 minutes
  • 7" diameter - 400ft, 15 minutes
  • 9" diameter - 800ft, 30 minutes
  • 12" diameter - 1200ft, 45 minutes

Please note that running times are approximate as they depend on the frame rate


All cine film that comes into our studios is assessed for damage and cleanliness, FREE OF CHARGE. Typically, films may need resplicing and a puff of compressed air to remove dust and hairs. In our experience, no serious cleaning is usually neccessary.

On occasion, cine film comes in smelling of vinegar - Vinegar Syndrome, or may be badly affected with mould and mildew. If this happens, we will contact you to discuss the options.

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