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Locket Photos £15

Quality Printing for Locket Photos

If you have just bought a locket you will need to print out some locket photos. At this point you will realise that printing something so small on your home printer just doesn't give give the quality and resolution required.

Half Frame Films

Locket Size Photos

  • Use the button below to pay online and send us the photo
  • Give us the approximate size required in millimetres
  • We will produce three sets of images in slightly different sizes
  • On receipt of the photos you can cut to the size and shape required
  • Don't worry if you make a mistake - we give you plenty of duplicates
  • The cost is £15

The locket photos are available in colour or black and white. We also have professional photo studios and can take the photos for you if required

How to Order

Pop into our store in Camden London and chat to our friendly staff about your requirements. Alternatively, order online using the link below.

Locket Photo Payment

Kodak Express Camden

020 7387 9882