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35mm Black & White Films

Development Processing Print & Scan

NOTE: This page is for processing undeveloped B&W 35mm films followed by printing or scanning. If you have film which is has already been developed, then please refer to our film printing or film scanning pages.

Professional Black and White Film processing, printing and scanning is a specialty of Kodak Express Camden. By using using the best japanese digital printing technology available and advance Photoshop techniques, our experienced lab technicians can produce superior results from any Black and White Film. We process and print all BW films including lIford HP5, Ilford FP4, Ilford XP2, as well as Kodak Tmax, Kodak TCN and infra red black and white films

Black and White 35mm Film Processing

35mm B&W Film Processing

We hand process every Black and White film so that we can select the best BW developer to match your B/W film. Printing is done on premium quality heavy weight professional Kodak paper. Our BW processing and printing service and prices are exclusive to Kodak Express Camden London .

  • Matt or Gloss, Borders or no borders
  • Standard print size is 6x4 inch
  • Large print size is 7x5 inch
  • B&W films generally need five days in the lab
  • Std res scan is 1024x1536 px
  • High res scan is  2048x3072 px for £5 extra
  • All printing is done using traditional wet lab equipment
  • We can pull/push your film at no extra charge
  • A rush service is available at 50% extra

Kodak Express Camden use hi-end Noritsu Digital Printers to deliver superior quality from your black and white films. Black and White film processing is done by hand, not machine. This means that the best developer can be chosen to match the film type used. All printing is done on heavy duty premium weight Kodak Royal paper.


Our Standard scanning produces jpeg file sizes of around 4mb, 1024x1536px (when opened in Photoshop) and is good enough to print to A4.

Our high resolution scanning produces files sizes of 2048x3072 px, around 18mb, (when opened in photoshop) and is good enough to print to A3.

How to Order

Pop into our store in Camden London and chat to our friendly staff about your requirements. Alternatively, put your films in a jiffy bag and post them to us.

Don't forget to include your name, address, email and telephone number. On receipt of your films, we will call you to confirm your instructions and take payment by credit or debit card over the phone.

You can also pay online using the button below. Then simply print out your order form and send it to us with the films. Don't worry, if your films fail for some reason, we will send out credit vouchers so you can use them with your next order.

Online 35mm BW Film Dev

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