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APS Film Scans £5

Advantix Scans of Already Developed Film

NOTE: This page is for scanning already developed APS films. If you have film which needs developing then refer to APS Colour Film pages.

All scanning is done on commercial grade Noritsu technology (shown below), representing an investment in excess of £100,000.

APS Film Scanning

The system is designed for high speed scanning while still producing consistent high quality results.


Each frame is individually inspected and changes made to the contrast and exposure as required.

  • Std res scan is 1024x1536 px
  • High res scan is  2048x3072 px
  • Std Res Scan of entire film is £5
  • Hi Res Scan of an entire Film is £10
  • The prices apply to both 25 exp and 40 exp films.

We do not scan single frames or parts of a negative


Our Standard scanning produces jpeg file sizes of around 4mb, 1024x1536px (when opened in Photoshop) and is good enough to print to A3.

Our high resolution scanning produces files sizes of 2048x3072 px, around 18mb, (when opened in photoshop) and is good enough to print to A1.

How to Order

Pop into our store in Camden London and chat to our friendly staff about your requirements. You can also post us your films along with your instructions and on receipt we will call you for payment over the phone by credit or debit card.

Alternatively, pay online using the button below and put your films in a jiffy bag and post them to us along with the receipt. Don't forget to include your name, address, email and telephone number.

Payment APS Film Scans

Kodak Express Camden

020 7387 9882