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Passport Photos Australia- Set of 4 - £15

Specifications Size and Requirements of Australian Visa and Passport Photos

See our main passport page for passport specifications for other nationalities. Download the Official Australian Passport Photo Guide PDF

Australian passport and visa photo requirements are now very strict. We are one of a handful of professional photo studios in the UK with the equipment and expertise to do them well. For this reason we do charge a little more for Australian passport photos but we get it right first time.

Appointments are not required and we can usually print out your Australian passport and visa photos within minutes but it's always good to let us know you are coming in. We are based in Camden London and open 7 days a week. If possible bring along a current set of Australian passport instructions with you for your own peace of mind as they do change slightly over time.

Australian Passport and Visa  PhotoSee also our Baby and Children's Passport Photo page for passport photos. You may also want to have a look at our Unacceptable Passport and Visa Photo page.

The Australian Visa and Passport specifications are as follows

  • Australian passport photos must be 45–50mm high and 35–40mm wide
  • The bottom of the chin to the crown must be between 32mm and 36mm
  • Must on high-quality paper and use high resolution
  • Natural skin tones with good brightness and contrast
  • No flash reflections and no red eye in Australian Passport Photos
  • Neutral expression and mouth closed is required
  • Have a plain, light coloured background (e.g. white, cream or pale blue)
  • Australian passport photos should show you looking directly at the camera
  • Your hair must not obscure your eyes or face
  • Photos should show both edges of your face clearly
  • Australian passport photographs cannot be digitally altered in any way
  • No scarves or hats

If you are concerned about your appearance and need to look your very best in your passport photos then consider having a passport makeover in our studios - this will reduce the look of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and bad skin tone etc.

Online Australian Passport and Visa Photos

If you need an Australian passport or visa photo and cannot make it into our studios you can email us a photo and we will produce a set of photos to the correct australian specifications

Online Passport and Visa Photos

Australian Passport and Visa photos :: Babies

Australian Baby Passportand Visa  PhotosThe regulations for australian baby passport photos are pretty strict

  • The baby should be awake
  • Looking straight at the camera
  • Mouth closed
  • No Dummies or Pacifiers  
  • Show both edges of the face clearly
  • No Toys Chairs or Blankets
  • Show baby's face clearly without any other objects 
  • No visible support is allowed including a parent's supporting hand
  • Show the child or baby without any hair across the eyes

Australian Visa Photos :: General Requirements

Everyone who wishes to go to Australia, with the exception of Australian and New Zealand citizens, needs a visa. Depending on the reason for your visit and your nationality it is possible to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority otherwise known as an ETA . An ETA is an invisible, electronic visa that allows you to remain in Australia for up to 3 months. ETA's can be applied for online.

If you are not an ETA eligible citizen or your trip to Australia is for longer than 3 months you will need to apply for a Australian tourist visa from your nearest Australian Embassy.

ETAs are available to persons holding passports from the following countries

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Rep of Ireland, Rep of San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK-British Citizen, UK-British National (overseas), United States & Vatican City.