Indonesian Passport and Visa Photos
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Indonesian Passport & Visa Photos £15

Specifications Size & Requirements

Whether you require photos for your Indonesian Passport application or your Indonesian Visa our professional studios are exactly what you need. We photograph and print out Indonesian passport and visa photos to an exceptional standard. Countries all over the globe are now introducing high tech biometric passports which hold information and personal data on a microchip incorporated in one of the pages of the passport. This biometric technology will verify the indonesian passport holders identify and will help stop fraud and illegal use of the passport.

The quality of the submitted Indonesian visa and passport photos has to be exceptionally good quality for measurements such as these to be made. Every passport and visa photo we take conforms to the new biometric regulations and Indonesian specifications. Making an appointment is unnecessary and your Indonesian passport and visa photos will be in your hands in minutes . You will find us in Camden High Street London. If possible bring along a printed copy of Indonesian passport regulations with you for your own peace of mind.

Passport and Visa Photos

Passport Requirements

  • Sizes are specified 2 photo of 1.5 x 1.5 inch OR 2 x 2 inch (recommended)
  • White Background (no longer Red)
  • The image must be in the centre
  • We advise a head size of between 60-70%
  • We advise you to take off your glasses
  • Closed mouth - no teeth showing, natural expression

NOTE: Indonesian Authorities now require a white background and NOT red as before.

Online Ordering

If you can't make it into our professional passport photo studios you can email us a suitable photo and we will format it to the correct specifications and either post or email it back to you, according to your preference. Payment is through Paypal - you do not need an account in order to make a payment.

Please note that you should only order a digital copy if your country supports online passport and visa applications.

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Indonesian Visa Photos £15

Passport and Visa Photos

Below is an outline of Indonesian Visa Photo Requirements.

  • Indonesian Visa photos should be 50x50mm
  • The visa photo should be taken on a white background
  • Two identical colour photos are required
  • Chin to the top of the head measurement is between 1 to 1-3/8 inches
  • The photos must have been taken within the last six months
  • Wear normal day to day clothes
  • Do not wear uniforms
  • We normally advise customers to remove their glasses
  • Looking straight at the camera
  • Natural Expression
  • Do not show your teeth in indonesian visa photos
  • Indian visa require no hair over the eyes
  • Face not covered in any way by scarves, hats etc
  • Religious head gear allowed but must not cover face
  • Professionally printed with no pixilation
  • No excessive jewellery or make-up

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