Cross Processing - London 120 Medium Format and 35mm Colour Film Cross Processing and Scanning
Colour Film Cross Processing
Cross Process
Cross Process
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Colour Film Cross Processing

Cross Processing and Scanning to CD

Kodak Express Camden now offer a cross processing film service. Cross processing involves putting Slide Film (E6) through colour negative (C41) Chemistry.

Cross Process Scanning

120 Medium Format or 35mm Colour Film

Cross Process Only
Cross Process & Standard Scan
Cross Process Plus Hi Res Scan

Surprisingly, some of the best results from cross processing we have seen comes from 3M film stock.

This is often repackaged and sold as Jessops own Brand. Boots own Brand, etc

The results from crossed processed films vary hugely depending on the film stock used

120 Medium Format & 35mm Colour Films - Cross Processing

  • 120 or 35mm Colour processing is just £10 per roll
  • Standard Resolution Scan to CD is +£5 (prints up to A3)
  • High Resolution Scan to CD is +£10 (prints up to A0)
  • Don't forget our Photo Gifts and Canvas Printing
  • 20% Discount for 5 or more films
  • See our Digital Print page for cost of prints form CD

Mail Order Cross Processing

This Cross Processing Service is exclusive to Kodak Express in London. If you cannot make it in to our professional print Lab and photographic studio in Camden London we have an excellent and secure mail order service you can use.

Mail Order Film Processing