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Presentation Slides from Digital Photos and Documents

Digital Documents Transferred to Presentation Slides and Transparencies

We can convert digital camera images, photos, and files such as TIF, PSD JPGs and many other formats, into high quality 35mm Presentation Slides. We can also transfer any negative or photo into a high quality presentation slide. We are one of the few labs in the UK to offer a digital to slide service. We also print and scan slides to digital photos

Digital to Slide Prices

The more you have the cheaper it gets

Standard Slide
1 only

We have upgraded our standard slide mounts to Gepe, 'Metal Mask', slide mounts. Now with sharp inside edges for your slides.

The best way to send digital images is by email. Email us and attach the images and files you need to convert to slides. Please be sure to include your address and phone number. We will phone you to confirm the slide order and take payment by credit card over the phone.

  • Any digital format - jpgs preferred
  • As a guide digital photos 2mb and above make good slides
  • Digital documents or files should be 1800x1200 pixels or larger
  • The best colour profile to use is sRGB
  • Avoid sending CMYK files if possible
  • Please allow 5 working days turnaround
  • 3 day turnaround times at 50% Rush Charge

If you have a lot of digital images, or negatives, then send them to us through the post using our mail order photo service. We can also provide you with a FTP connection for uploading - contact us for details.

Contact us

File Types for Transfer


We can convert slides from most digital formats. If in doubt drop us a line.

We prefer jpgs and for you technical guys out there the colour profile we use is sRGB.

Please do not send CMYK files. These are used for litho printing and the colours will show a serious shift when converted back to RGB

File Size

Minimum Size for Conversion

For good quality 35mm slides we would recommend files 1800x1200 pixels or larger.

Files smaller than 800x600 pixels may pixilate, but can be acceptable if there is not much fine detail in the image. If in doubt let us look at your digital images and we will tell you if they will convert to good quality presentation slides

Digital Photos

Photos for Conversion

All digital cameras these days will provide photos that make great slides. Anything above 2 Mega Pixels will look better than it does on your monitor.

For best results, use the highest resolution, and capture the image in high quality JPEG format. After editing the image save it in high quality JPEG format to send to us.

Aspect Ratio

Black Borders``

The aspect ratio of a slide is 2 to 3.If your length to width ration is differ net to this we will print the slide with the required amount of black border around the edges.>

If this sounds complicated think of how a square image (aspect ratio 1 to 1) would print on a rectangular slide. Black borders are required to fill in.