Lomo Diana and Holga Film Developing Scanning and Printing

Lomo Holga Diana Services

Dev, Print & Scan

Drop in your colour Lomo films - either 120 medium format or 35mm colour and if we find there is nothing on the film worth printing or scanning there is NO CHARGE! This offer is exclusive to Kodak Express Camden

Slide Scanning

Lomo Film Develop Print and Scan - Details

  • We develop both Colour and B&W film
  • Professional 120 medium format and 35mm processing
  • Your Lomo films can be professionally printed on Kodak Royal paper
  • Scanning to CD is available at standard (A3) and high resolution (A1)

We cannot at present print or scan panoramic Lomo films. For full details of our film services and prices see Film Services.

How to Order

Pop into our store in Camden London and chat to our friendly staff about your requirements. Alternatively, put your films in a jiffy bag and post them to us.

Don't forget to include your name, address, email and telephone number. On receipt of your films, we will call you to confirm your instructions and take payment by credit or debit card over the phone.

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