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Slide Scanning FAQs

Why Us?

There are many scanning services out there offering high resolution scans at amazingly cheap prices. The image quality is not just dependent on the initial dpi resolution of the scan. It is also dependent on the image processing software and more importantly the image processing hardware built into the scanners. Without hi-end in built hardware and advanced software the images produced from these scans will never be 100% - this includes sub-£1000 scanners that are ideal for home use but lack the technology required for high volume, high quality commercial slide scanning for public use.

Kodak Express Camden have literally invested £1000s in slide scanning equipment ensuring top quality results producing digital images which are the best they can be.

Slide Scanning

What Resolution?

The best resolution to choose

If you think that you may like to edit the results in photoshop - cropping in and zooming then high resolution scanning is your best option. High resolution is also good for printing to A1. Standard resolution is great for viewing on your TV, sharing over the internet, and printing to A3 in size.

Why Scan your Slides?

Avoiding Long Term Degradation

Having your slides scanned will allow you to edit, share and print your photos.

Digital images can be preserved indefinitely without degradation. Digital images can be copied and shared easily with 100% integrity. Digital images do not suffer from mould, will not change colour with the passing of time and will not fade. Digital images should be backed up to separate locations ensuring in case of computer or drive failure.

Even when stored under ideal conditions slide film will degrade and while it restoration is possible there will always be a certain amount of irreversible damage.

Our Service V Others

Professional Slide Scanning

Slides are scanned on our Noritsu Scanner/Printer equipment. When new, this cost £80,000. Operationally, it is designed to be used at ease all day long, producing high quality results. At best, most of our competitors are using consumer grade Nikon Coolscans at a cost of less than £1500.

Hi-end professional scanning systems are adept at preserving the subtle colour gradients and shadow detail, retaining colour information and sharpness. You will find our slide scans produce better quality enlargements and will look cleaner and sharper.

What is Digital Ice?

Digital Ice Explained

Slide film always carries an electrostatic charge which causes it to attract hairs and dust. This can be difficult to remove using conventional brushing and blowing. Our professional Noritsu scanner uses Digital Ice Software to detect and remove dust and scratches.

The Digital Ice Software works by comparing the information from four separately scanned colour channels consisting of blue, green,red and infrared. By comparing the differences between the channels the Digital Ice software can detect dust, scratches and smudges and apply corrections to digitally remove the defects.

Scans in odd sizes

35mm 127 Medium Format

We can scan in any size of image that fits in a Kodak Carousal Slide Tray. This includes small square films, standard 35mm film, and 127 slides. We also scan in professional medium format 120 slides.

Deterioration with Age

Colour Fade and Storage Conditions

Colour slides will deteriorate over time regardless of storage conditions the colours change and fade. The slide film is also prone to mould. Avoid these problems by getting you slides scanned ASAP.

Scanner Construction

How Vibration Effects the Results

To produce an accurate scan, the scanning stage must be moved in pixel-width increments. Since the pixels are 0.0002-inches wide, the scanning stage must move smoothly in 0.0002-inch increments.

Heavy construction is only one way to prevent vibration. Heavy construction makes every component stiffer and stiffer structures vibrate less.

Low-end scanners use lightweight construction that compromises image quality by allowing vibration to occur. This causes variable inaccurate pixel location that makes the image fuzzy in one direction.

Scanner Automation

Manual and Automatic Scanning

Our state of the art Noritsu scanner is designed to produce archival high quality results while still being cost effective for the general public.

The scanning operation is highly automated - the scanner will automatically make colour corrections and contrast adjustments and in the majority of cases these will be 100% accurate. if the operator does not like what he sees on the screen then the colour balance, contrast and saturation etc can be manually adjusted.

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