Sony MicroMv Video Tapes to DVD and Digital MP4 Files

Sony Micro MV Tape Transfer

Convert to DVD or Editable Files - From £10

We transfer all digital camcorder formats to DVD including Sony MicroMV Video Tapes.

All of the Sony MicroMV DVD transfer work is done by trained technicians. This service is only available at our Kodak Express store in Camden, London - ensuring the quality of our video to DVD transfer work and it also means that your precious tapes cannot get lost.

MicroMV was one of the last analogue video tape formats to be manufactured. It was introduced by Sony and was phased out around 2006 as superior digital formats became available such as MiniDV, DVCAM and Panasonic's DVCpro.

Video tape transfer to DVD

MicroMV Cost and Service Details

  • 1-5 tapes are £20 each
  • 6-10 tapes are £15 each
  • 11 plus tapes are £10 each
  • Any mix of domestic video or camcorder tapes
  • Turn around time is currently 10 working days
  • A 24 hour service is available at 50% extra
  • You can have DVDs or editable computer files
  • We have a video tape repair service for broken tapes

How to Order

If you cannot make it into our shop simply post your tapes to us - don't forget to include your instructions, address and telephone number. On receipt of your work we will call you, confirm your instructions, and take payment by credit card over the phone.

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Editable MP4 Computer Files

Sony MicroMV video tape transfer to computer editable MP4 ditial files for iPad and iPhone.

Most of our customers require editable files from their MicroMV tapes for editing on a PC or MAC. We normally supply digital MP4 files which can play on all computer systems. Digital MP4 computer files can easily be converted into any digital file format such as 8-bit or 10-bit Uncompressed Quicktime YUV or RGB, Apple Quicktime DV-MOV, DPX, Microsoft DV-AVI, Apple ProRes422, DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO 25. Digital MP4 file sizes can vary (up to 5gb per hour) so you will need to supply an external hard drive or large capacity USB stick - we can also supply USB sticks at a small additional cost.

Extra DVDs

Although DVDs last a lifetime without deterioration in quality one scratch or scuff mark will render it unplayable. For this reason we strongly advise you to order an extra DVD back up copy of your video work - the cost is only £6 per tape, even less when having multiple tapes converted.

MicroMV & Copyright

By asking us to transfer your Sony MicroMV video you are giving us an assurance that you are the copyright owner or that you have permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the work.

We only accept Video to DVD transfer work on this basis.

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