Betamax Video to Digital files and DVD

Betamax Transfer - from £10

Convert to DVD or Editable Files

Our Betamax transfer service is done onsite and is unique to Kodak Express in Camden London.

Use our mail order/online service if you cannot make it into our shop. Other names for Betamax Videos are Beta, Betamovie, Betacord and Beta Hifi.

If you have a broken or unplayable Betamax tape please have a look at Broken Tape Repairs. Turn around time for Betamax conversion is currently 10 working days but please let us know if you you need the tapes urgently. None of services are set in stone so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your questions.

Video tape transfer to DVD

Betamax Cost and Service Details

  • 1-5 tapes are £20 each
  • 6-10 tapes are £15 each
  • 11 plus tapes are £10 each
  • Any mix of domestic video or camcorder tapes
  • Turn around time is currently 10 working days
  • A 24 hour service is available at 50% extra
  • You can have DVDs or editable computer files
  • We have a Betamax repair service for broken tapes
  • American Standards NTSC to PAL conversion is available
  • Converting family videos to DVD/USB is an excellent gift idea

How to Order

Pop into our store in Camden London and chat to our friendly staff about your Betamax video transfers. You can also put them in a jiffy bag and post your tapes to us. Don't forget to include your contact details.

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Editable MP4 Computer Files

Our encoded DVDs will play on your TV system and on your computer but cannot be edited. We can supply you with editable computer files. These are supplied as digital MP4 files are are good for both PCs and Macs. One hour of video as a MP4 ditial file takes up to 5gb of space. You will need to supply us with a external HD or large capacity USB stick - we also supply USB sticks at a small additional cost

Betamax NTSC-PAL - £40

NTSC is a video format standard widely used in many other parts of the world such as USA. Japan and much of South America. So if your Betamax tape was originally filmed in any of these countries it will need to be converted to PAL format to play on UK TV systems.

The cost of NTSC Betamax transfer to PAL and encoded to DVD is £40 per Betamax tape,


Betamax Info

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