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Thai Visa and Passport Photos - Set of 4 - £15

Specifications Size and Requirements of Passport Photos for Thailand

See our main passport page for passport specifications for other nationalities. See the bottom of the page to order online

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand was the first country in Asian to introduce the new ICAO compliant facial recognition biometric passports As a result, Thai passport photo specifications are very stringent . Few passport photo studios in the UK have the expertise to produce a quality set of photos to the correct standards. Come to us for your Thai passport photos and we promise to get them right first time. Making an appointment with us is not required and your Thai Passport or Visa Photos will ready within minutes of you coming in. You can find us in Camden London. If possible bring along a current set of Thai passport and visa instructions with you for your own peace of mind

See also our guide to Baby and Children's Passport Photos. You may also want to have a look at our Unacceptable Passport and Visa Photo page.If you are concerned about your appearance and need to look your very best in your passport and visa photos then consider having a passport makeover in our studios - this will reduce the look of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and bad skin tone etc.

Thai passport  PhotosBelow is an outline of Thai Passport Photo Requirements.

  • Two photos required taken by a professional photographer
  • The photos must be identical and taken within the last 6 months
  • The photo must be in colour. BW are unacceptable
  • A light background, white or off white is required for Thai Passport Photos
  • Your facial features should clearly distinguishable against the background
  • It should be a close-up of your head and shoulders
  • Your face should cover 70-80% of the overall passport photo
  • Thai passport photos should be 45 x 35mm
  • The passport photographs must be clear and in sharp focus
  • Digital or scanned photographs should be printed at 1200dpi resolution or better.
  • There must not be any shadows in the photo either on the face or background
  • There must be no reflection on spectacles if worn
  • The eyes must not be obscured by sunglasses, hair across the eyes etc
  • Your face must be looking directly at the camera with eyes open
  • Your mouth must be closed, showing no teeth
  • Thai passport state that you must have neutral expression
  • Your face should be uncovered with no hats or head covering

Thai Passport and Visa Photos :: Online Ordering

If you cannot make it into our passport studios but need some Thai passport photos then you can email us a suitable photo and we will produce a a set of photos to Thai passport specifications. Before sending us a photo please read our guidelines for taking a suitable passport picture on our online passport photo ordering page . We will post back to you set of Thai Passport Photos to you no matter where you live in the world

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Thai Visa Photos - Set of 4 - £15

Specifications Size and Requirements of Thai Photos for Indonesia

Thai  Visa PhotoBelow is an outline of Thai Visa Photo Requirements.

  • Thai visa applications require two photos
  • Thailand specifies a size of 50 x 50mm
  • Photostat or Photocopies are unacceptable
  • Thai visa photos must have a light coloured background
  • The visa photo must be a full face view of the person
  • Wearing a hat or dark glasses is not allowed
  • Thai Visa Photos must have been taken recently ( within 6 months ).

We also produce passport and visa photos for other countries in the region including Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam , Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar


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