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UK Visa and Passport Photos - Set of 4 - £8

Specifications Size and Requirements of Britiish Visa and Passport Photos

See our main passport page for passport specifications for other nationalities. See the bottom of the page to order online. Please note that Visa Photos for the UK have the same requirements as passport photos. Download the Official UK Passport Photo Guide PDF. You may also need to download the UKBA Photo Guide PDF for immigration purposes.

Having a UK passport photo taken is unfortunately no longer a matter of popping into your local High Street photo shop or finding a handy photo booth. Tough new criteria and the introduction of biometric technology to combat fraud mean that your UK passport photographer must know precisely what is required. Incorrectly taken UK passport photos have become the main reason for UK passport applications being rejected. At our UK passport studios in London we produce visa and passport photos for every nationality in the world. We also take UKBA ID photos (UK Border Agency). We take the time to ensure that your passport and visa photos are correctly sized and meet all the required specifications. As a result our UK passport photos will never be the reason for your passport application being rejected.

Your UK passport photos are taken by helpful professional photographers in a studio equipped with professional lighting and printed on the highest quality professional Noritsu photographic printers in the world . We don't charge a fortune for UK passport and visa pictures. A set of 4 photos is just £7.99. If you are a frequent traveler we have a great money saving offer of 16 UK passport photos for £10.99. (Note : UK passport photo meet the visa photos requirements of many different countries). No appointment is needed. Just walk in and within minutes you will have a set of quality UK passport or visa photos in your hands. You can find us in Camden London and we are open seven days a week.

If you are concerned about your appearance and need to look your very best in your passport and visa photos then consider having a passport makeover in our studios - this will reduce the look of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and bad skin tone etc.

UK passport  PhotosBelow is an outline of UK Passport Photo Requirements.

  • Two identical photos , 45mm by 35mm on a light gray background
  • The passport photo must stand out clearly against the background
  • Passport photos must be printed on low gloss high quality photographic paper
  • The photos must be undamaged - no creases caused by paper clips
  • Other people of objects must not be visible in your passport photos
  • The head size in the UK passport photo must measure between 29 and 34mm
  • There must be no writing on the back or the front of UK Passport Photos
  • The passport and visa photos must be properly focused and clear
  • No shadows are allowed in UK passport and visa photos
  • You must be facing forwards with a neutral expression
  • Do not show your teeth and keep your mouth closed
  • Grinning, raised eyebrows and frowning are unacceptable
  • Your eyes must be open and clearly visible in British Passport Photos
  • There must be no hair obscuring your eyes, sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • There must no flash reflections in glasses
  • The frame of the glasses must not cover up any part of your eyes
  • We advise our customers to remove their glasses
  • Head coverings are allowed only for religious or medical reasons

UK Passport and Visa Photos :: Online Ordering

You may live too far away from our UK passport studios to come in. If so, email us a photo and it will be printed out at the correct size and specifications to meet UK passport standards. For more details have a look at our online passport and visa ordering page. You will find details of how to pay and a guide to taking your own passport and visa photos.

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British Baby Passport Photos :: UK Passport Photos for Babies - Set of 4 - £8

Specifications Size and Requirements of UK Photos for British Babies

Baby Passport Photo UKUK Passport Photo Guidelines for Children under the age of 5

Because of the difficulties in photographing children under the age of 5 for UK passport photos the regulations are slightly more relaxed as per the guidelines below.

Below is an outline of UK Visa Photo Requirements.

  • The photo must be clear and show a true likeness of the child
  • A neutral expression is not required for a UK baby passport photo
  • Reflections and glare on spectacle are acceptable
  • The head of the child can be at an angle
  • Children are not required to look straight into the camera
  • No supporting hands
  • Babies under one year old do not need their eyes open

We normally advise parents to place supporting hands underneath the babies clothing which normally produces acceptable UK baby passport photos

The passport photos regulations for children over six are the same for adults with the exception that the head size can be between 21mm and 34mm.

See also our general guide to Baby and Children's Passport Photos. You may also want to have a look at our Unacceptable Passport and Visa Photo page.

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